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"I had a large Korean radish to use with plenty left over from my other dish, so I made this recipe hoping that I'd like it, and guess what? My boyfriend and I loved it! I dont like it when it's served at restaurants, but it's going to be a staple around here. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!"
in Radish salad (Musaengchae) — Aug/14

"I made this today and was so pleased with the taste! One of my favorite dishes is dubu chorim and this is a close sister recipe! I love all matter of things pickled, so this is a winner in my book! Thank you for sharing your recipe! We'll eat it with some bulgogi and miso soup tonight for dinner over rice."
in Dubu-jangajji (Tofu pickles) — Jan/13

"I tried making it with Hon Dashi and everyone liked how it turned out! (It's all gone!) I'm out of bean sprouts now, but am going to play with this recipe as a starting point. Who knew such simple ingredients could be so tasty!? Thank you so much for sharing."
in Soybean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) — Jul/12

"I forgot to pick up anchovies at the store and used some hon dashi instead, do you think that will work?"
in Soybean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) — Jul/12