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"Hi Maanchi, Thank you for the recipe! I really like recipes like this. I make my own miso as well. Would love to try this one. I was wondering, can you use beans other than soy beans, for example garbanzo beans? Thanks!"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Jan/16

"I love yujacha. The started selling them at the farmer's market I go to, because the "farmer" likes to go to Japan. The first time I bought yuja, I loved to make tea with it! I like my recipe with both sugar (to soak up the citrus oil) and honey. Delicious ^.^ I actually don't mind the amber color: https://thevegeats.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/yuzu-yuzu-cha/"
in Yuja tea (Yujacha) — Dec/15

"Hello Maangchi, Thanks for the recipe! I tried making this yesterday, but I noticed that the cornmeal absorbed all of the moisture after soaking for 20 minutes (I guess the cornmeal here is very very thirsty), so I added more moisture till it had a more liquid consistency. I have some of the oksusu ppang left over the next day, but it became very dense instead of the fluffy bread I had the day before. Is this normal? Or is it because of the extra moisture I put it? I usually soak my cornmeal in water before I cook with it for ± 1 day and then use it. Could I use this method for this recipe?"
in Cornbread — Feb/15