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"There are very good videos, you should see mine too, not as good as yours, is my first video but it gives me the courage to keep doing more, and yes edit in a bit xxx he he, see it in my YT channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/runnenarun?feature=mhw5#p/a/u/1/QSaz6ybXK3k Good luck to all contestants"
in Korean food video contestants — Apr/10

"mm, everything looks delicious, there are many foods that I know are very similar to those of my country"
in Costa Rican Food I ate — Feb/10

"Congratulations, you are absolutely my hero, thanks for showing us the beauty of Korean cuisine. inspire me to continue learning."
in Maangchi in Korean media — Jan/10

"I´m so jealous, I wish I could attend your classes, I think I´m a bit far ;P anyway good luck Maangchi :D"
in Jan 30 at the Whole Foods Culinary Center, NYC — Jan/10

"By the way, happy new year everybody."
in Rice cake soup (Tteokguk) — Jan/10

"looks really delicious, a question can be used just chicken breasts instead of beef.?"
in Rice cake soup (Tteokguk) — Jan/10

"I love these cookies, I love ginger cookies, but I have baked, not fried, I´ll make many cookies for gifts. Thanks for the recipe. I´ll put it on my blog is amazing. ^^"
in Ginger cookies (Maejakgwa) — Dec/09

"Thanks Sara, I think so too, is a dish to pamper the soul :D"
in Flower — Dec/09

"OMG, this cake is so so adorable and cute, it´s a pity for me is so difficult to get a good rice flour, I really want to make this cake, also looks very delicious. ^^"
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — Dec/09

"Hi Maangchi, You may be surprised to know that in my country Venezuela, we have three types of beverages made with rice. is chicha is a milk-based, another is made with fermented pineapple water this is my favorite, and something very similar to this that you prepare which is usually given to babies to drink to cool in hot weather or any illness or bad digestion problems, I also like this so much that is fresh."
in Rice punch (Sikhye: 식혜) — Mar/09