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"I made this two days ago and I'm eating it now with rice ! I decided to cut it into bite sizes as I do not have much counter space in my apartment. I made it for my boyfriend and myself, who loooove korean cooking. Your recipes are delicious, Maangchi. They're simple and I love that I can reuse the same ingredients. I'm now in love with sesame oil! One question for you Maangchi: - Can I add more sugar to the porridge to make the kimchi a little sweeter or it will taste weird? Should I add more carrots and raddish instead? Some tips for other readers: - Two cups of red pepper flakes is very spicy! My boyfriend and I love spicy food and it is very spicy, even for us. Eat with rice or reduce the amount of flakes you add, like Maangchi said. - Try not to substitute too many ingredients, as it's easy to mess up. - Fermented shrimp can also be called Cencaluk in some places. - Have a BIG bowl ready for the cabbage. It will reduce in size when you salt it so it's easier to manipulate but be sure to have a big container. - Daikon raddish does work as a good substitute for the korean raddish. Have a nice day!"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jul/17