Fortran's comments

"Mmm...jokbal! My local HMart sometimes packages up jokbal with soondae...and now I'm hungry!"
in Jokbal (Braised Pig’s Trotters) 족발 — Dec/17

"There is a Korean-Chinese place near me that makes omurice, but I've never ordered it. Maybe now I will! :)"
in Omurice “Omelette rice” (Omeu-raiseu: 오므라이스) — Mar/17

"A Korean place near me makes this and I tend to order it as winter appears. It's so good, I think I might like it better than plain grilled bulgogi."
in Bulgogi stew in an earthenware pot (Ttukbaegi-bulgogi: 뚝배기불고기) — Nov/16

"Mmm. A place near me does a really good janchi guksu filled with yummy veggies. Might have to try this now that I know how to do the anchovy broth."
in Korean noodle soup (Guksu) — Dec/15

"Mmm. Looks good! For a second I saw "camping stew" and thought we might be getting something a la budae jjigae. But I'll take mackerel over Spam and hot dogs any day!"
in Kimchi and mackerel camping stew (Kimchi godeungeo-tongjorim jjigae) — Feb/14

"It always amazes me how just about every culture has this candy. I grew up calling it "honeycomb" but it seems to have many, many names."
in Ppopgi (Old-fashioned sugar candy: 뽑기) — Nov/13