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"I made kimchi today! It has been 10 years I have made my own kimchi since I followed Maangchi 언니's recipe. 정보 감사합니다❤ I started it when I was a university student and because there was no place to buy kimchi in where I studied. Today I made 총각김치 and 배추김치 in my new house with my hubby's help because I'm currently 6 months + pregnant We love homemade Kimchi"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Nov/17

"Hello Maangchi 언니..My name is 유리..First, I would like to thank you for sharing your delicious 김치 recipe..I have been making my own Kimchi since 2009 by following your recipe..I love doing it and everyone likes the the taste in my family.. It does take sometime to make kimchi, but it's all worth it since I will have my delicious homemade kimchi for the following several months, and I can use it to make everything like kimchi stew(김치찌개), kimchi pancake(김치파전), Kimchi Fried rice(김치볶음밥), Kimchi tofu and kimchi gimbap (김치두부 and 김치김밥)^^ I made Kimchi today because my husband is coming back from Korea today, so he won't feel homesick when he eats kimchi^^ Thank you for your updated version and this recipe is even better than the previous one and takes less time..I love it^^* Take care and I hope you develop more and more authentic Korean recipes^^"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Sep/14

"Wish to win this wonderful kit so I can prepare 맛있는 food when my bf comes to visit me in Jan^^* Cross my fingers and pray.."
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"Awesome looking rice cakes~! 쑥떡 is one of my favorites because it has got a special aroma, and it's healthy too. Also love the way you made these rice cakes by pounding. I am sure they must taste really good~!! Thank you for sharing this recipe and always making us sweet^^*"
in Injeolmi rice cake — Aug/11

"안녕하세요!I am so happy to find this recipe as I was looking for 경주빵's recipe. I miss it so much~!I really appreciate your style of cooking that infuses tradition and simplicity. Always a fan of you and your delicious cooking^^*"
in Baked sweet pastry (Manju) — Aug/11