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"Hi Maangchi, Thank you for this recipe. It looks delicious!! I don't eat shrimps or other shell fish but I do eat other kinds of fish. Would regular fish filet cut in small pieces work? Thank you..."
in Seafood green onion pancake (Haemul-pajeon: 해물파전) — May/21

"I'm literally away from home and craving kimchi so I tried this with what I had...had no carrots but i had a zucchini so I made small zucchini julienned instead...didn't have pepper flakes but I had gochujung so I used that...it was delicious! Thank you for emergency kimchi recipe!!"
in Emergency Kimchi (Yangbaechu-kimchi) — Jan/21

"Made it! Not sure what I did wrong, but it's sticky and didn't dry nicely like yours. any tips? But it's delicious!!"
in Crunchy Korean nut candy (Yeot-gangjeong: 엿강정) — Jan/21

"I dumped the failed 'try' and remade using the right rice and it turned out beautifully. It's been two days and its almost done! My hubby already asking when I'll make more, he's been putting it on toast lol..."
in Homemade rice syrup (Ssal-jocheong: 쌀조청) — Jan/21

"Hi deedle2038! Congratulations on making the rice syrup! Did you do the recipe exactly, or did you double it? 1 1/2 cups seems a small amount. For cooking the liquid, did you use the pressure cooker setting as shown in the pics? I tired the stove top method today and it didn't work :( Thanks."
in Homemade rice syrup (Ssal-jocheong: 쌀조청) — Jan/21

"I tried this today, and failed! Electric stove was difficult to guage the right temperature. Will try again :( Also, can medium grain rice be used? I couldn't find any small grain in the store. Thank you."
in Homemade rice syrup (Ssal-jocheong: 쌀조청) — Jan/21