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"Hi Maangchi! It's summer, and it's shikhye time!!! I craved it so much, so finally I decided to make my first one. I used honey powder instead of sugar, because that was all I had. I was also running out of it (~1/4 cup less than the total sugar). Somehow there were so much more foams than yours when while it was heated to boil, so I had to constantly take em out. And it was of course more brown. Going through all these experiments, when I tasted it, it was surprisingly sweet. I am amazed by the taste and I can't wait til it cools down!!! Thank you Maangchi!!"
in Rice punch (Sikhye: 식혜) — Jun/16

"Found this picture! It was so yummy.. We were so glad you were here to help us cook what was thought impossible haha!! Thank you again, we'll try it next year too :D"
in Dwaejibulgogi (Spicy pork BBQ) — Apr/15

"Maangchi I made this for my friends. I originally planned to make Bulgogi with beef tenderloin but it was too expensive ($19.99/lb) compared to the much-cheaper pork belly ($3.49/lb!). We had a limited budget so the six pounds of Spicy Pork BBQ was perfect for us. We minced down every marinade ingredients since we didn't have the mixer hahaha but it tasted amazing. Thank you so much, we all enjoyed it with lettuce!"
in Dwaejibulgogi (Spicy pork BBQ) — Jan/15

"Thank you so much for your quick and kind reply. I will definitely look into the side dish recipes. I hope my friends enjoy them :D I bet they will!"
in Bulgogi Korean beef BBQ — Dec/14

"Hi Maangchi, I would like to make some korean dishes for about 15 college friends about 5 of them are boys. I was thinking bulgogi and hobakjeon our of your easy recipe. Do you suggest anything else? How much beef would i need in this case? also when marinating bulgogi, can i marinate it for 2 days before I cook? Thank you so much!"
in Bulgogi Korean beef BBQ — Dec/14