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"Thank you for mentioning our website. http://www.gourmetandkitchen.com.au/ We have been dealing with rice cookers for many years now, and we chose to offer Cuckoo rice cookers due to their popularity and great reputation. The machine we import has been modified to suit our market here. It is a restaurant capacity appliance, and would definitely work better if loaded with at least 10-15 cups dry rice. It can cook up to 30 cups in one serve. We also offer some more simple options from China, that are also very reliable, but more suited to budget conscious users. This range covers from 15-55 cup. Finally we also offer Rinnai gas rice cookers from Japan, but they are very commercial and not at all suited for home use. When using rice cookers, be sure to check your power supply if you are sharing power-points with other appliances. electric rice cookers have fairly high power demands, and often they should not be shared with other high powered appliances, in case the circuit becomes overloaded. This can cause failure of the thermal fuse, which is easy to repair, but often annoying."
in Rice cooker — Jul/11