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"Hello Maangchi! Thanks for the lovely recipe. I have made the dish twice, but unfortunately did not ferment the squid for a full month both times. Fortunately, however, it turned out delicious both times. I have just made almost 2kg of it, hopefully it will last me while the next batch of squid ferments for the one month it is supposed to. I am Malaysian, you see, and it is very hard to find this dish where I live. I discovered ojingeojeot at a shop near where I used to live in another state, and I was immediately hooked. That's why I couldn't wait for the squid to fully ferment, I was too greedy! I had to substitute corn syrup with cane sugar and I also added chilli padi to the dish because I love it crazy spicy, but otherwise I've followed your recipe to the letter. Except,for the fermenting period, again. I am so glad you posted the recipe. I can't thank you enough! Here's a pic of my ojingeojeot, I am very proud of it!"
in Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) — Jun/16