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"Hai maangchi...i really really love to see all of your videos. Today i make kkwabaegi...but, my dough is so sticky and i have a difficult time twisting them..but the taste is great and my children love it..maybe i put too much butter or something i dont know...btw thanks for the children and i see a tv program named food king on one of korean tv where we first saw this twisted doughnut.and im really sure i can find it on your that what happen today we make our first kkwabaegi... Love you maangchi..."
in Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi) — Aug/17

"Hello there,i always love to see your video.and today i make my first 닭강정 and everybody at home like it. Thankyou so much..i'll make another for christmas at my parents house."
in Crispy crunchy Korean fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Dec/14