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"Hi! I looked at 2 local Korean grocery stores, but neither had "Deolmaewoon gochugaru." I can pronounce Korean (without knowing the meaning), so I looked for it in Korean (덜매-anything 고추가구) as well as asked the Korean salespeople. Presumably that means I have to order it online. I couldn't find any at Amazon or Do you know of a link to a small package from any online seller? Thanks!"
in Hot pepper flakes (Gochugaru) — Nov/13

"This must have been asked a hundred times already--sorry! I made your recipe and the flavor was fantastic! However, it was way too spicy with the pepper flakes I used. I made it a second time using 1/16th of the pepper flakes and it turned out to have the right spiciness, but it tasted all wrong. I guess the pepper flakes are an important part of the flavor. Do you know the names of the kinds of peppers that are flaked and used, traditionally? Can you recommend some that are mild and have a similar, or at least good, taste? If not, what is the mildest brand of pepper flakes that you know of that should taste good? Thank you!"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Jan/13