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"Hi Maangchi, what is Your meaning about big variety of Mexican sorts of red pepper? Do You use them in culinary practice? I'm missing "Chipotles" - it is difficult to find them in Russia."
in Spicy stuffed green chili pepper kimchi (Gochu-sobagi: 고추소박이) — Sep/16

"Oh, thank You for reply! That are all very well-known since my childhood scents :-) There is a whole district in Uzbekistan capital, Tashkent, where live many ethnical Koreans, named "Kuylyuk", where You can find a lot of such little restaurants. I was very lucky to find one of such restaurant here, at north of the Russia, in St. Petersburg. Of course, i make some dishes myself for my family from time to time, too. Thank You for Your blog! Perhaps, it could be interesting for You: in Tashkent lives well-known in russian blogosphere dame, Lilia Nikolenko, which is much more experienced in the cuisine of Uzbekistan Koreans than me. That is her site: She writes in Russian, but speaks English freely, so You can communicate with her in English."
in Korean noodle soup (Guksu) — Dec/15

"Hi Maangchi! Very interesting recipe for me. I was born and lived many years in Uzbekistan, where, as You know, as i remember, there were many Koreans ("Koryo Saram"), that was deported into Middle Asia in the time of WWII. Guksu (or "Kuksu" in the russificated adoptation of the word) is very populuar dish both among the Uzbekistan's koreans and other peoples living in that land. Nevertheless, this dish differs from the recipe You kindly offer us. In our version - obviously, adopted under local conditions - guksu is a "cold summer soup", like spanish "gaspaccho", russian "okroshka" or uzbekish "chalop". It consists from three parts: 1. Soup base (named "kuksi-muri") - chilled water with addition of soybean souce, sodium glutamate, vinegar and sugar. 2. Thin noodles. 3. A lot of salads and other add-ons: fried beef with cabbage, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, green onion, thin egg pancakes etc."
in Korean noodle soup (Guksu) — Dec/15