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"I did originally and I mentioned already it didn't work in my previous comment. I've finally figured out that it does not work on Firefox for me but it did work on IE."
in Korean food photo contest — Aug/10

"I was logged on. The main page for the contest photo submissions has no submit button for me. When I click on someone else's photo, the "add your own photo" button shows up but leads to the same main page w/o the button/link to upload my own photo."
in Korean food photo contest — Aug/10

"Where exactly do you submit the photo? the link where you say to "submit a photo" does not have a place to submit."
in Korean food photo contest — Aug/10

"It looks like so much fun and it seems like you get to meet so many people every time you visit somewhere. I am envious of your social skills lol."
in Scenes from Costa Rica — Mar/10