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"Great ideas, Pucelle! Using gluten-free malted flour should work, but making it is a lot of work unless you want it for other brewing or baking projects too. It should be possible I think to substitute for the malted flour using commercially available products. Gluten-free malt extract substitute (e.g. sorghum syrup) gives some rich, sweet "malty" flavour, but is usually non-diastatic, i.e. it doesn't have enough amylase to break down the rice starch into sugar. Adding some pure amylase (from a gluten-free supplier) to the rice flour should give the diastatic action needed. So I think using sorghum syrup and pure amylase together in place of malted barley flour should work adequately if imperfectly. Both products are available from specialist home brewing suppliers."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Apr/13