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"Dear Maangchi, I am so excited to be the first one commenting on this post! I am a Korean-Japanese-American college student who has been trying to learn how to make Korean food for years. Then, this past winter break, I discovered your website and decided to try a few recipes. My family raved about the soondubu chigae, tteokguk, and chapchae--no one could believe that it was homemade. Thank you so much for being such an amazing source of authentic Korean cuisine. Everyone thinks I have mastered Korean cuisine now, but little do they know it's because of you! This particular post couldn't have come at a better time because next week I'm leading a kimchee making workshop for a few friends here. I was worried about tackling the other kimchee recipe because of the 4 hour brining step, but now that you've reduced it to 2 hours, I am so relieved! I have one question--if I can't get leeks here, could I substitute more Asian chives or more scallions? Your previous recipe didn't include leeks so I was curious how essential the change is. Again, thank you Maangchi!"
in Easy kimchi — Jan/10