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"I made this recently replacing the kosher salt with regular salt and it turned out too salty as well. This time when I made it, I reduced the salt and it tastes very good! I learned that you cannot replace kosher salt (which Maangchi uses) with regular salt because the latter is A LOT saltier. So you actually have to halve the salt she calls for if you are not using kosher salt. Not sure if this is where you erred too?"
in Vegetarian and vegan kimchi (Chaesik-kimchi: 채식김치) — Feb/21

"i just made kimchi for the first time. after mixing the sauce together with the cabbage, i packed into glass jars and pressed the kimchi down tightly. however, i didn't have any liquid left over and very little came out of the cabbage when i prssed down, so there is no liquid covering the kimchi in the jar (since the sauce is more of a paste than a liquid). is this okay, or do i need to add some brine to make sure the kimchi is covered while it is fermenting? also, if it is fermenting in a jar with a tightly closed lid, is there any fear of the jar bursting or anything like that, with all the carbon dioxide gases being produced? i have always learned to ferment with the lid off... thanks! love your website!"
in Easy kimchi — Oct/12