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"난 망치님의 채널을 모두에게 알리는 망치전도사~ 한국 친구들 외국 친구들 할거없이 밥, 요리 하는 이야기만 나오면 주저없이 그 자리에서 망치비디오 틀어요. 맛있는 한국요리를 너무도 쉽게, 재밌게, 귀엽게 하는 망치님의 왕 팬이거든요. 기분 꿀꿀한 날엔 망치레시피 쭈루룩~ 틀어보고 그날 저녁때 맛있는 식사 준비하면 진짜 삘링 캡! 우리 애들, 남편, 다 망치에게 빅 땡쓰 하고 있음 :D So, I have another church small group dinner meeting at my house tomorrow and my husband and I have already decided that we are going to go simple this time and serve 닭칼국수, your chicken noodle soup. It's so foolproof and the soup stock is absolutely delish! We usually do Brazilian style steak and salsa or Korean BBQ but this time I think it will be a nice change to give some Korean comfort-food of hearty soup and noodles. To go with that, I will serve this fishcake snack and they will literally 뿅 가! I can see it now... 음하하하하!! ^<^... They already know you from my raving about your channel before, and one of them told me she watches your videos while she's waiting during her kids' music lessons for dinner ideas. I dare say I have a similar personality to yours but a bit more 엽기적, and I think I've said it in my comment before and I'll say it again - I'm gonna make you my best friend one day!! 그날이 올때까지.. take care and God Bless you in everything you do.♡♡"
in Fish cakes (Eomuk) — May/14