Helenloh's comments

"How about giving us a recipe foe white baechu kimchi. .thanks"
in Taste my kimchi! — Aug/12

"I wish I were in New York...I can already taste the kimchi in my mouth. Have fun and dont get sunburnt"
in Taste my kimchi! — Aug/12

"was like a dream to have met you. great way to meet people who share the love of Korean food, Great way to go Maangchi. By the way I loved the cucumber salad you made...recipe please. Wishing a great year in 2012"
in Gapshida Malaysia — Jan/12

"Wow what a fantastic spread. I'm amazed. It was so nice meting you in Malaysia. I hope enjoyed your visit with us.Take care and Merry Christmas"
in Gapshida Rotorua — Nov/11

"oh yes, do I spy Chatime Pearl tea on the table? we have that in Malaysia as well and it's a roaring business here"
in Gapshida Sydney — Oct/11

"You are one amazing lady! flying for hours and then being able to shop and cook such elaborate dishes in a hotel room without any problem. I take my hat off to you my dear. See you in Malaysia soon!"
in Gapshida Sydney — Oct/11

"This is a big group! Food unifies people. Good job Maangchi. You are one city nearer to coming to Malaysia...I am very happy to follow your cooking trail."
in Copenhagen Meetup Oct.14 2011 — Oct/11

"Maangchi you look like a miniature doll ..cute and adorable. Reiner looks dashing. I just the love the "couple" looking costume"
in ah, these wooden shoes are heavy! — Oct/11

"Oh everything looks fabulous...I would love to have recipe of stamppot endive and meatballs too...Reiner do you have a blog/facebook account I can subscribe to ...would love to have some Dutch recipes as well ...I have watched you on Youtube with Maangchi..and Maangchi I am so looking forward to meeting you...still waiting for Allison to reply though."
in Gapshida Rotterdam at Reinier’s house — Oct/11

"wow I am getting really excited about your coming to Malaysia. However I am really anxious cos I have not been able to contact Allison Chan yet and hope she sees this comment and adds me on Facebook"
in Gapshida Canterbury — Oct/11

"Wow Maangchi, a feather in your cap! Congratulations on meeting the First Lady of Korea. I am looking forward to meeting you when you come to Malaysia. Hope I dont miss seeing the dates Saranghae"
in Lunch with the First Lady of Korea — Sep/11