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"One more thing. Jaejoong had a instragram video where he showed that he is cooking. There was steamed lobster, and a bulgogi stew with enoki mushrooms, spinach, carrot and dangmyun. What did he make with the lobster? Can you post some Korean recipes for lobster? Thanks in advance."
in Ginseng jujube tea (Insam-daechucha) — Dec/13

"I saw this being made in running man. It seems pretty simple to make! Thanks for the recipe."
in Ppopgi (Old-fashioned sugar candy) — Dec/13

"I had that happen. I defrost the rice cakes in the refrigerator overnight (without water) and that solved the problem. It seems that the rice cake requires slow defrosting."
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Dec/13

"Maybe I accidentally clicked on an ad by mistake. I checked google safe browsing and your site showed up as having no malware...so that's a relief. What about apple tea? I saw a fan's gift to Kim Jae Joong is a jar of homemade apple tea concentrate with thinly sliced apple pieces in it. It looks pretty. Is that a variation of ginger tea or is it something else?"
in Ginseng jujube tea (Insam-daechucha) — Dec/13

"Can I use wood ear mushrooms instead of white mushrooms? What variations or additions can I make to this recipe? Chives? Bell peppers?"
in Japchae (Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables) — Dec/13

"Hi, I have been looking at your website for months and have cooked many recipes from it. Today, while browsing, there was a pop-up ad for womenshealthfour.co...I did not click on it but it still popped up. Can you fix this problem? I have searched to see if this ad is malware or virus and found that this popup resulted from advertiser's error. Can you check with your advertiser to make sure the ads are safe and there will be no more pop-ups. Thanks. Anyways, I have some dried ginseng. Can I soak it and prepare it to use it for the non-traditional recipe?"
in Ginseng jujube tea (Insam-daechucha) — Dec/13