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"hi maangchi how long does it take to defrost the frozen rice flour? also, when I tried to add 5 teaspoons of water to 1 cup of frozen rice flour, it turned very gooey... almost liquid. thanks, - jeremy"
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — Mar/11

"Hi maangchi I'm thinking of making this for a friend's bday, but a smaller version of it So instead of an 8 inch springform, I'll be using a 5 inch pan, which will lower the volume of the cake. Keeping the ratios constant, how long should I steam it? Or alternatively, are there visible signs of doneness? Sorry for making it sound so much like a math question but cooking is as much science as art :P"
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — Dec/10