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"Maangchi, I just watched the episode of 'Hansik Taste of Korea' by KBS which featured the New York preliminaries of this global Korean food contest, where I thought I saw someone who looked like you and got surprised! You looked really cool & impressive as a judge, even though you were probably the smallest in size :) Although you mentioned the NY contest was in July, this episode was only shown by KBS World recently. This KBS program has been very interesting to watch, to see how people in different countries interpret Korean food and to view their passion for Korean food & culture. It's especially fascinating when they kinda do fusion food and incorporate elements of their own cuisine. For Algeria. it was the first ever Korean cooking contest, with only 5 contestants and you had to first win at writing your name in Korean in order to get first choice of which dish to cook! It's going to get more interesting as they cover more countries. Nice to see how Korean food is being increasingly appreciated all around the world!"
in Judging the 2015 Global Taste of Korea contest — Nov/15

"This stuff is really addictive, I've to stop myself before I finish the whole batch in one sitting! Good quality shredded squid is a bit harder to find here and a small amount is already not cheap. Hence I tried what another person used: dried fish fillet strips (looks like paper cut using a straight-cut shredder). Sometimes it's marked as dried cod fillet snack but I seriously doubt there is any cod in it. It's originally a bit hard & dry but the sauce helps to soften it up, ok as a cheaper substitute though the squid would be a lot more delicious and fragrant. As an experiment, I tried adding other ingredients to two portions: one with fresh lemon juice and the other with minced fresh ginger. Wow, it was really a taste sensation! The lemon version was refreshing & helped to balance out the sweetness. The fresh ginger version matched the minced garlic & chilli paste perfectly to bring the savoriness up to totally another level; those 3 ingredients were practically harmonizing in my mouth! I used rice syrup instead of corn syrup as I think it's tastier and also reduced the amount of oil as I don't like too oily stuff. I did try adding mayo as suggested by others but personally didn't like the final taste. One good thing about making your own food is being able to fully control the seasoning like reducing the spiciness if your family members can't take the heat."
in Seasoned dried shredded squid (Ojingeochae-muchim) — Jun/15