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"Yay! I wish to win this contest. I've never win anything before. I am Vietnamese, but love eating and cooking korean food more than anything. I'm so glad I found your site and your youtube channel :) Thank you! Happy Thanks Giving, Maangchi!"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"Love this recipe .. The sauce is also my favourite, i actually have this sauce with Korean Pancake, and also use this sauce as salad dressing :) ... All my friends and family love it. :D Maangchi, you are a legend! Love."
in Kongnamulbap (Soybean sprouts bibimbap) — Oct/11

"I like this..........Maangchi Mania.......kool....spicy.....:)"
in What should I name my new cooking show? — Jun/11

"Thank you Maangchi. My husband love this dish so much, he said one bunch of spinach is not enough. He wanted me to make five bunches, next time. lol :) You are so lovely and so are your recipes :)) ❤ ♨ ❀"
in Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul) — Sep/10

"I also add one extra garlic clove in this side dish."
in Spinach side dish (sigeumchi namul) — Sep/10

"i agree, those pictures look very nice :))) <3"
in Tya Le — Sep/10

"i cook this before i found you on the internet. it was good, but i didn't boil the sprout, and i used bean sprouts instead of soybean sprouts. I kind of stir-fry the bean sprouts all together. Lucky enough, my other ingredients are very similar to yours. The only thing is, i can't keep the remaining in the fridge for more than two days. I will try your recipe next time. I'm sure it will taste very nice :D. I am curious to see the different taste. I really enjoy every cooking video of you on YouTube. You are so Great! <3"
in Soybean sprout side dish (Kongnamul-muchim) — Jul/10

"wow ... finally found this recipe. I have always wondered what it's like in the Korean movies. I have never eaten this noodle before, but i'm very curious. I will try to make this this weekend, and will let you know what i think :D Thank you so much Maangchi. You are so lovely <3"
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Jul/10

"Hi Maangchi, You really make my life more meaningful. I always love to cook and my favourite food has always been Korean. I could not find any Korean recipes before until i found you. I also watch you on YouTube and you are so lovely and very entertaining. I love watching your videos :) I also just downloaded your eBooks today. I love all of the food that you made on youTube and on your eBooks. I'm going to try all of them. :D I enjoy cooking more now. I'm going to make some broccoli pickle and cauliflower pickle soon. Is it okay if I put both together in one jar? and I don't have any jars, is it okay if I keep them in a large plastic container? Thank you Maangchi. <3 :D"
in Broccoli pickles — Jul/10