iHap's comments

"Its definitely the best asian food store in town. After moving to Prager Spitzer they have broadened their range. Gochujang is always available, as well as other korean ingredients such as sweet rice flour, corn syrup or korean soy sauce or gochugaru flakes. But unfortunaltely I have never found mejugaru, gosari, gochugaru powder, barley malt powder or stuff like this. Its not specialized enough, but still a good supplier for all kinds of asian products."
in Saigon Minimarkt — Sep/18

"Maangchi, I can't believe it! I'm currently working in Düsseldorf and came across that store, had a look inside AND FOUND THE BEST ASIAN FOODSTORE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN GERMANY! Its that good it even sells MEJUGARU - and Onggi! I'm not the only one desperately looking for mejugaru to finally make homemade gochujang. I can't wait to make it and just wanted to let everyone know - if you can't find one of Maangchis ingredients you should try to visit that store! It also sells gosari, which is another one of Maangchis ingredients that is hard to find."
in Hanaro Markt — Sep/18