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"Ah, Indonesian.. My second favorite cuisine. This looks absolutely fabulous, Maangchi. I will need to see if I can gather up all of the ingredients for this at the limited number of Asian markets I have available to me in Iowa. The only question I have is the Fried Tofu and tempeh is something I don't remember seeing (but I will look) locally.. can either of these two ingredients be made from Tofu and or any sort of soybean if I cannot find it? Thanks for the tip on Mariska's videos-- I will look for them. I'm a big fan of Indonesian and as far as I know the closest Indonesian restaurant is about 150 miles from me in Madison, WI. That's worse than 50 miles for Korean in Iowa City! :O) Thanks..."
in Gado-gado (Indonesian salad) — Jan/12

"A Korean Noraebang and a Jaycar electronics outlet in the same building? Wow I'd be in heaven.. two of my favorite hobbies (Korean food/alcohol and Electronics.. I'm an Electrical Engineer for a day job) in one place. Maybe Jamie needs to host my wife, my four Korean-American adoptee children and myself for a couple days? Nah, if Maangchi didn't wear him out.. the kids would for sure. Nice series of post about NZ, looks like a lovely place to visit. I hope I can get there some day."
in Cooking, sharing, and sightseeing in Rotorua — Dec/11

"I'm really getting into Agave Nectar lately (and not [only] in the Fermented Tequila sense either! Okay occasionally...). Thanks for the tip there. :)"
in Tofu really CAN taste like anything — Dec/11

"Ok.. So what's in the oil container? Grape seed oil? Oh, don't tell me.. just pick me (oh great random computer in the cloud) and send me the stuff and I'll figure it out! :O) It all would go to good use in our household... trust me on this!"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"I'm going to say this half-apologetically since Mapadubu is really, as Maangchi stated, Schezwan Chinese and not so much Korean. (I'd say that Jajangmyeon by comparison is much more Korean even though it was originally based on the Chinese Zha jiang mian). However, this is possibly the best recipe on the site. I mean it's the best Mapo Tofu that I've ever had, even at restaurants, bar none. It's incredible and that is saying a lot because most of Maangchi's recipes are great or the best I've tried! I had to make a couple of substitutions-- I used some gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) instead of the dried hot peppers (I don't use them often and I could only find huge bags)-- I used a (sweet) red pepper instead of the red hot pepper which isn't available in Iowa in November. I also used a serrano pepper rather than the better korean sytle pepper (which I have to grow to get here). (This, or the milder Anaheim, is a good substitution by the way in general.) But even with these substitutions it came out incredibly tasty. BTW, if you use the above substitutions, all ingredients except for the pepper flakes are available at Super Walmart! (But the dried peppers in the huge bag are available in the "ethnic" foods section near the Mexican food supplies!) This might be one of the only recipes on the site where it is completely unnecessary to have access to an Asian market. It's wonderful.. thanks again Maangchi!"
in Mapa tofu — Nov/11

"I'm amazed at the Gochujang. I'm too lazy to make my own Kimchi most of the time so I give Jamie an extra "attaboy" for being so motivated!"
in Gapshida Wellington, New Zealand — Nov/11

"You know, Indonesian food/cuisine "rocks" too.. it's almost as good as Korean. :) And that picture look EXTRA good. (It looks like you have BOTH!) I'm getting sooooo jealous Maangchi! ;)"
in Potluck party in Jakarta — Nov/11

"Maangchi: You know that you are awesome when you make an already adventurous dude set new goals! The food on Korean Air is really quite good for airplane. Been there, done that! The food in Incheon airport isn't all that bad either. It sure beats Burger King... Been there and done that too. But eating homemade "Kangaroo Kalbi" downunder? Now that's something I have to do. Add it to the list! :)"
in Gapshida Sydney — Oct/11

"You are so blessed, Maangchi. That had to be one great experience. Living in the (remote) Midwest, I crave great Korean food that I don't cook myself! :O) (and thanks for all of the pointers, there are several dishes I could not have pulled off w/o your help). That menu looked delicious and made me hungry. It's probably a good idea you didn't take pictures as I hear that LCD flat panels don't taste that good and I would have probably tried to eat the screen! You are sooo making me want to go visit Seoul again with the family..."
in Lunch with the First Lady of Korea — Sep/11

"You know, Yen's dishes look really good... particularily the japchae.. which is difficult to make correctly, IMHO. It was told to me the two times I was honored to visit households in Seoul that Japchae is a traditional dish to serve "special guests" because, although it uses simple ingredients that it requires quite a bit of work and finesse to get right. Also the smell is very distinctive and it permeates from apartment to apartment so it tends to announce to others that you are having a "special guest" over. (So it's really appropriate for the "mother-in-law"! :O) ) I think it's my wife's favorite dish but, although I'm fairily accomplished for a white guy in Iowa with four adopted Korean-American children on the art of Korean cooking, it is one dish I still haven't gotten quite right. (So she doesn't get Japchae very often! :( ) So Yen, since yours looks (better than) right.. I wouldn't fear any other of Maangchi's recipes. I think you have it down. :) Nice job on all of the pictures! Maangchi, thank you of course. I don't always (but usually I do) agree 100% with you on the recipes, but the techniques you taught me was not stuff I could learn out of the "HOLLYM" English cookbook I brought back from Seoul in 2001! I wish you continued great success on your YouTube cooking show!"
in Yen Legaspi — Jun/11