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"Hi, please I need help !!!, I'm a totally lover of vegetarian kimchi.. so the way I do is, soaking with salt water, 3-6 hours. Then rising then mixing with a sauce I make (ginger green onions, sugar, olive oil, fresh and dry hot pepper, mirin sauce , garlic, plum vinegar, sesame oil ) then I leave it on counter 4-5 days. I've been making and selling lots and lots.... BUT the 3-4 last recipes I made , (and big recipes) I had to trow it all in the compost pile....... Every time the SAME problem appreared.. the SMELL OF AMMONIA or some sort of really crazy disgusting chlorine or chimical smell. I just opened my jars this morning of another attempt.. again this crazy bad smell. What the heck am I doing wrong???!!!! Drives me crazy and sad Hope you can help me find a solution Thanks!"
in Easy kimchi — Sep/17