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"Could you use the leftovers once you make makeogeolli I have made makeogelli twice and this time I kept the "rice remains" with the nurak in it I bought online. I kept it In my fridge for several days but it is crumbly like nurak . If I dried in my machine it It seems very similar in look to the original Nurak, if I did it below 110 the yeast would not die?? I wonder if it would have enough wheat elements to work? Deirdre"
in Starter culture (Nuruk) — Apr/17

"Thank for posting I had makeogelli here and then went to Busan where my lovely Airbnb host treated me to Busan makeogeolli when they knew I liked it. It was wonderful I think even better than Seoul's!! After I made my first batch when I got home from Korea last year I'm not sure if it fermented too long it, had small white patches on top after I had made it ? What does that signify. I don't have an onggi I used a clear jar with a cheesecloth. Going to try again. Also to keep the temp consistance can you use a heating pad. The weather here is. But unpredictable with colder nights in Spring time. Thanks for any advice Deirdre"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Apr/17