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"Sorry I didn't check this discussion before I tried to make some kosari with dried fernbracken I bought about a year ago. It had very brief instructions in English which said to boil it for 20 minutes, drain, and then soak in cold water for an hour, then mix with sesame oil, soy sauce, shiitake muishroom powder, and red pepper and stir fry. I had used just a small bit of it when I first bought it, then placed it in a ziploc bag. I had no idea how much to use so I prepared the WHOLE BAG. What a waste. It wasn't softened properly and I had two HUGE bowls of it. (If I had used 20 cups of water for each cup of dried bracken I would have had to move out of my house to make room for it! :-)"
in Fernbrake (Gosari) — Dec/12