JANELC57's comments

"This was amazing! I used a medium tofu and cut the pieces in bigger cubes so once cooked it would be firm on the outside and soft on the inside. I also more than doubled the sauce. With the doubled recipe, I used 1 Tbsp of red pepper flakes and 1 of gochujang paste. It was a bit too hot for us so I added more water, soy sauce, sugar and a bit of corn starch and water to thicken it up (which is why the sauce was more than double). It was outstanding! Served over rice with braised bok choy as a side. My daughter was disappointed the small amount of left overs got eaten before breakfast the next day. Will make again and often. Thank you again Maangchi!"
in Spicy braised tofu (Dubu-jorim: 두부조림) — Jul/20

"I made with without meat but used mixed mushrooms with a meaty texture. I cooked all the veggies in my wok together but started with onions, then marinated mushrooms, and adding the remainder when almost done. I would say if 4 people are hungry I would double it. I'm not sure I've ever had as many compliments about a dish I've made. This was a huge hit! The next day family were still talking about it. Thanks for another outstanding recipe!"
in Japchae (Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables) — Jul/20