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"Oh! this must be an interesting and refreshing beverage. I would love to experiment in this kind of drinks. It is made by peeling and slicing the ginger and boiling it in water. Sliced lemon or honey are commonly added to provide a pleasant flavour for this."
in Ginger tea (Saenggangcha) — Jul/12

"This is a great recipes for noodles. I really appreciate that you shared here and put so many terrific recipes here. Cold noodle is one of my favorite Korean dishes because this is very delicious basically I love noodles."
in Mul-naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles in chilled broth) 물냉면 — Jul/12

"This recipe looks delicious and I want to try this at home. I am sure my family would really like it also.We all know that Korean cuisines are very healthy and delicious just like this kongguksu. Thank you Maangchi for the recipes that you've shared in here. Keep on posting lots of recipes."
in Soy milk noodle soup (Kongguksu) — Jun/12

"Maangchi, that is an awesome recipe. Thanks for your recipe. I made traditional pancakes yesterday, so simple and delicious. I should say that yours is very different from ordinary pancakes that I do. I would love to try your recipe, since it is also easy to follow."
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Jun/12

"I am craving for this rice cake, I like sweet rice cake too because my family loves to do rice cake but this one is different from others. I will surely do this for snacks and it's a good business too."
in Gyeongdan (rice cake balls) — May/12

"I like your Tuna Pancake , it looks terrific and very tasteful. It is perfect in everyday lives. I am going to prepare this for my family. It is very easy and I am sure my friends and my family would like it too. What do you think would be the perfect sauce for this?"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — May/12

"I've tasted it already and the water kimchi's taste is too sour but it is very refreshing when you eat this. I wanted to learn how to make this water kimchi and Maangchi provided a good post about this. Thank you for sharing Korean cuisine."
in Dongchimi (radish water kimchi) — May/12

"I love sweet potato because I used to eat this for substitute to rice. It is healthy and I feel full when I eat sweet potato. I know how to make this recipe it's simple and very good appetizer or dessert. Is it okay to use vegetable oil or olive oil for more healthy recipe, since I am on a diet??"
in Candied sweet potato (Mattang: 맛탕) — May/12

"I've tasted this similar to this recipe which is pumpkin soup. The pumpkin soup has croutons to add texture for the soup. It'll be my first time to try butternut squash porridge with the main ingredients is a rice cake ball. I guess the taste would be the same, the only different is the rice cake ball."
in Pumpkin porridge (Hobakjuk) — May/12

"This is a perfect recipe for me since I love spices. This recipe is also a healthy food because it contains fish, vegetables and other spices. We can actually add some oyster or other seafood. Thank you for sharing this recipe and I would love to share this to my family.Hope they would like spices too."
in Spicy fish stew (Maeuntang) — Apr/12

"Steamed chicken rice looks so delicious and it is very healthy. This recipe is perfect for me, I love the color and texture. I would love to try this at home and make it for my family. Thank you Maangchi for posting this recipe."
in Steamed Chicken Rice — Apr/12

"Paua fritters looks good and yummy. Very healthy dish and good for pica-pica :). It is okay for a Taco as a substitute?? . Anyway, I will try this at home and definitely my friends would love to try this different dish."
in Paua fritters, taro chips, and soft tofu dill cream sauce — Mar/12

"Barbecue is my favorite, I like the taste of it especially when you marinade it in oyster sauce and a little hot sauce will do. Your barbecue is quite similar to my preparation, for something different, this time I want to try your recipe and share it to my family. Thanks for posting this recipe."
in LA galbi (LA style grilled beef short ribs) — Mar/12

"Chicken Adobo but it is different from the Adobo cooked in a thin brown soy sauce and vinegar. It has coconut cream that made the Adobo really tasteful. I want to try this new version of Adobo for my family.Thanks for the recipe."
in Chicken adobo (Adobo sa Gata) — Mar/12

"This dessert is good for summer. Three ingredients for a one delicious recipe. Red beans is the main ingredient for Patbingsu. I will try this at home. Better for a nice glass, it will add more attraction to eat. Thanks for posting."
in Patbingsu (Shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit) — Mar/12