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"Annyong-hasseyo Maangchi, Thanks for your answer to my Woo-guh-ji tang question! Can I ask another? What green or greens are traditionally used in the woo-guh-ji tang recipe? Not many people on the Internet have this recipe, I found only two. Both people used different greens. My mom is Korean, from Inchon but she cannot remember for certain what they used because she rarely cooked when she was a young lady, they had servants. She only started cooking when she moved to the USA. Kamsahamnida Maangchi! Annyonghi-kjeseyo"
in Green chili pepper pickles (Gochu-jangajji) — Sep/14

"Hi Maangchi, I grew some Korean hot peppers this year and they are so, so hot! I love it! The skins are thick and this is all that I don't like but they are so hot and spicy and I like this. Thanks for your recipe because I needed something to do with all of these peppers because I cannot give them away. :) No one eats as spicy as me! Anyhow, thanks for your recipe, now I have a way to save them! Can you post a wooguhji tang recipe? It is my favorite! I am sure many people would love this soup, it is the best! What kind of greens do you use in your woo-guh-ji Galbi-tang? Do you use napa cabbage and something else? Thanks, Jaye_sc"
in Green chili pepper pickles (Gochu-jangajji) — Sep/14

"You can buy the seeds to grow Perilla leaves in almost any Korean supermarket for about 3 dollars, just ask for Kkaennip leaf seed because many Koreans do not know them as Perilla leaves. They are the easiest thing you will ever grow. Soon, I will plant my winter supply in two gallon pots, about 2 or 3 of them and grow them indoors or under porches in summer or winter, so the frost cannot get them. They grow very well in pots, if you can get them enough sun... They do not do well in full sun if you live where it gets very hot in summer, like the place I live. Mine grow the best when they are in a shaded, cooler area under a tree but get a lot of sun too. They love water, as long as it is in well draining soil and if you will remove the lower leaves so the plant can get taller and pinch the new sprouting leaves between two adult leaves, it will grow more leaves and bigger leaves too. First you want the plant to get about 2 to 3 feet tall, then you want it to get really bushy and thick. They love rich soil too. If you have rich soil that is well fertilized either organically or otherwise and the soil stays moist, you will have pick leaves at least once a week from every plant. GoodLuck!"
in Perilla leaf kimchi (Kkaennip-kimchi) — Aug/14