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"Hello! I am new to your website, but I been living in Korea for a year now and will get married soon to my fiancé whose korean. I been using your website for a little while to help learn more about how to cook here. I never learned a lot in my own country, but being a wife soon I really want to take up the challenge to learn more. I really enjoy your simple and easy instructions and you make cooking seem more easy than I thought it was. About this recipe, I live in a small studio and don't have an oven. However I do have one of those very small conventional ovens. A whole pot would not be able to fit inside my tiny conventional oven, however could i heat up the cheese in a separate smaller pan then pour it onto the chicken when it's melted enough? My oven goes up to 230°. What temperature would melting the cheese be best if i can actually do this?"
in Fire chicken with cheese (Cheese buldak: 치즈불닭) — Apr/15