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"Maangchi, Another option is to use Soy Curls instead of chicken. You can purchase Soy Curls online (or in a brick and mortar store if you can find them) or make them yourself (DIY), which I do. The DIY process is really simple. It took a number of tries to develop the recipe, and a few batches ended up in the garbage can before I got it right, but the results are worth it. Keep safe, and thanks for all your wonderful recipes. jel"
in Dakgangjeong made with cauliflower! — Dec/20

"Maangchi, I live in mid-Delaware, far from any Asian Grocery stores. I've wanted to find a Hangari Onggi pot for making Magkeoli. Hangari Onggi pots are difficult to find anywhere, and impossible to find w/i easy driving distance from me. Until yesterday. I learned of and drove to Young's Oriental Market in Wilmington, Delaware for the first time, and found a good supply of Onggi pots, all sizes. Bought my beautiful Hangari and a bunch of other ingredients. Young's is relatively small (in footprint only) and chocked FULL of anything one would want for Korean/Asian cooking and eating. The staff people there were extremely helpful and answered all my questions easily. Highly recommend the store for anyone living within driving distance. I don't believe they do any mail order, but not sure. Thanks for your two beautiful books. JEL"
in Earthenware crock — Oct/20

"Good tip. I've made Chinese Rice Wine using the Rice Balls (actually enzymes + microbes) in a large glass jar with a fermentation gas trap in the lid. I don't have an Onggi or earthenware jug of the proper size and wonder if I can use a glass jar with the gas trap lid for making Makgeolli also? If so, will enough air get in without leaving the screw-top lid loose? I notice that you use the same gas trap with the food grade bucket. Was the lid on tightly? Appreciate any tips here for my first run of Makgeolli. JEL"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Oct/20