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"Hi, i had your book on preorder since last year when i saw it, unfortunately i live in Europe so i couldn't get a signed copy. Still a very nice book i think it's going to be one of my favourites!!"
in You’re invited to my cookbook launch party! — Jul/15

"I'm originally from the UK there are absolutely loads of asian shops, most you can order online and will deliver. Look out for Korean supermarket seoul plazza i know they have shops up and down the country. Quite cheap compared to the Japanese supermarkets in the UK. Or there is wingyip i know they do online orders.. Have fun"
in Easy kimchi — May/14

"Thank you!! I'm so happy. I love squid. I love kimchi \'^'/"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/14

"Sorry for my spelling, what i meant to say was that i salted the squid for one week and it now has a very strong smell, is this normal? and can i still use it? I hope so because i really love squid. Thank you....."
in Easy kimchi — Apr/14

"Hi, I really want to make kimchi with the salted squid. I brought fresh sqiud and salted it for on week. It smells quite string is it ok to use it?? Thank you . I love this recipie!"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/14