Jenne's comments

"It actually turned out ok, and once I took out the syrup after 100 days I made the maesilju! It's really delicious. In fact, today I am taking some over to enter it in the San Diego County Fair! Wish me luck! :)"
in Green plum extract (Maesil-cheong) — May/17

"Yeah, I think it does smell like alcohol. Should I throw it out, or will it turn into plum wine??"
in Green plum extract (Maesil-cheong) — Jul/16

"Hi Maangchi, i started my maesil cheong a few weeks ago and it seems to be fermenting and getting fizzy. Is that ok? It seems like it will turn into alcohol if I let it keep going like this..."
in Green plum extract (Maesil-cheong) — Jul/16