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"If you don't already, you should post recipes you find! Maybe Maangchi's Food Adventures or something. Or a Gapshida channel..."
in Sloppy meatball sandwich — Jan/13

"So, the flour is actually moist? I've never, ever seen flour like that before seeing this. That would also explain why my garaddeok came out so horribly (and why I got a terrible stomach ache), because my "plain rice flour" was dry... I really do want to try it one more time using SGRF I'll make myself, because although my local Korean market doesn't carry frozen SGRF, it does carry SGR to make the flour with. But moist flour, wow! Just like there are some moist sea salts out there. Everyday you learn something new. :)"
in Short grain rice flour (Mepssalgaru) — Jan/13