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"Have you seen the K-drama Kimchi Family (aka Fermentation Family)? They pretty much make kimchi out of anything that will stand still long enough, lol. Seriously, I want ALL of those recipes!!!"
in Taste my kimchi meetup — Aug/12

"I can't wait for Gado Gado Maangchi-style!"
in Gapshida Indonesia — Dec/11

"OOOH! A box full of joy! I love to make Korean food and I wouldn't have learned so much if not for you, Maangchi, and your fabulous videos!"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"Are these sometimes made with rice flour? The Korean grocery near my work makes these with a flour that has a consistency very much like tteokbukki: kinda chewy, a little translucent, definitely not wheat flour. I like them, except they use too much oil and I was going to try to make some at home. Thanks! Also, I love to add dandelion greens chopped up to your recipe. They are very good in combo with the buchu. And I usually use half white flour, half wheat flour. I don't eat meat, so I eat more whole grain stuff, and the bonus is that I think wheat flour makes them brown better. Both changes work very well with your wonderful versatile recipe!"
in Chive pancake (Buchujeon: 부추전) — Oct/11

"Ssam jang is pretty much the favorite sauce around my house now. It is divine on any meat, or even fried tofu. I add a little cooking wine to mine (Chinese style since that's what I have) and use brown sugar most of the time, because that's all we usually keep in the house for coffee."
in Korean-style grilled beef BBQ (Soegogi-gui) — Jul/11

"Maangchi, thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes and for sharing them with us online and in cookbooks! I wish great success for this book. Thanks for making them available in pdf, too, so I can load them on my Kindle. But I still want to get the actual copies, too!"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"I have seen this stuff in the store and never knew what to do with it. Now I do! I wonder, is the aster scaber also available frozen, or just dried?"
in Chwinamul (Sautéed aster scaber) — Jan/11