JimmyW's comments

"Hi, Maangchi. I love your recipes! Two questions: Have you used fresh hot peppers, like the little Thai chiles, to make kimchi? If so, roughly how much do you use? Also, what brand of hot pepper powder do you usually use? It's hard to find one that's good and hot enough. Thanks!"
in Easy kimchi — Sep/17

"Hi, Maangchi. Hope you are well. I've now made two batches of this kimchi and I am very imoressed! It's wonderful, and much easier to make. Thank you for sharing. One question that I have about this and other recipes concerns ginger. I've found that a local grocer carries regular and Thai ginger (galanga). I haven't tried the Thai ginger, but perhaps you have and can tell me what you think about using it in place of the standard variery. Thanks again!"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/10

"Thank you very much, Maangchi! One of my problems is that I must buy online. But, when I go online, the packaging labels often are in Korean, and the English descriptions are not very complete. So, I end up looking at packages such as in the following links: http://www.asiakauf.com/en/light_b/products/zooming.php3?ProCode=04465&ImgNum=1 http://www.hmart.com/shopnow/shopnow_enlarge.asp?product_id=846034004085 I can't tell which is best, or whether either is the right type!"
in Easy kimchi — Jan/10

"Hi, Maangchi. I always wondered whether there was an easier way to make cabbage kimchi, so I can't wait to try this recipe. I'm still making raddish kimchi regularly, and everyone enjoys the outcome. I've found, however, that there is a variation in the heat of the ground pepper that I've purchased from online Korean and Thai foods marketers. The last batch of pepper that I bought wasn't quite hot enough. Can you suggest a source or brand that I may be able to buy online? Thanks!"
in Easy kimchi — Jan/10