Joanna Wong

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"Hi Maangchi, Thank you so much for your recipes. I made the mung bean pancake tonight and it is simply delicious!!! This pancake is different from your other pancake videos because you made it from mung bean which is a healthier version. The first video that I learned from you was the "vegetable pancake", it was so delicious that I started to learn Korean food from you. I had even made my own kimchi from your video. My family and many of my colleagues love to taste your recipes!:-)."
in Mung Bean Pancakes (Bindaetteok) — Nov/15

"Dear Maangchi, I couldn't find Gosari seaweed at our Korean grocery stores in Singapore. Can I use other seaweed instead?"
in Mung Bean Pancakes (Bindaetteok) — Nov/15

"Hi Maangchi, I am so happy making your mandu receipe, My sisters, husband, son and neigbhours all love it!. They all said the mandu tasted so nice! :-)"
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Jul/14