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"What is it that makes a highly perishable thing like squid safe to eat after only being salted for a month? I really want to try this but I'm afraid it would send my western stomach right into the bathroom. HELP me overcome my fears! Thanks Maangchi!"
in My readers’ ojingeojeot (fermented squid) — Aug/20

"I ordered all the ingredients to make this in early July and most, if not all, from Amazon. It cost me around $130 USD. I know it would've been cheaper if I went to H-Mart in near Nassau County (long island NY) but darn Covid kept me from going that route. I AM making this today as we speak (as I type ;-) I even ordered some Onggi/Hangari to ferment in. They're a bit disappointing in quality (rough surfaces) but should get the job done! I just hope traditional Korean onggi like mine don't have heavy metals in the glaze! I've also made Kimchi but I got a little silly and chopped up some mugwort and put it in. It smelled a little funny at first, but now I don't notice the mugwort. It's hard to get ingredients when I can't go into any stores :-( ALSO, my soy sauce ferment is now 1yr old (different method than Maangchi's: I used rice koji n didn't make bricks) & my miso paste ferment is almost 24mos old. Some of that was in plastic buckets (soy sauce) n miso was in sugar crock from Marshall's n overflow into 32oz canning jar."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/20

"I ordered this on July 6, 2020: A 3lb bag for $27"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/20