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"i made a vegan version of this today using homemade seitan (wheat protein), it’s SO good!! thank you maangchi!"
in Crispy crunchy Korean fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Oct/21

"also for anyone interested in foraging - only eat what you're 110% sure of the identity of, and don't forage on private land. For an initial idea of what's growing in your area, i recommend the site inaturalist - it's worldwide and open sourced and shows what people have identified near you, its a fantastic tool to have!"
in Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts (Yaksik) — Jul/21

"I made this last year and it turned out so well, i'm going to make it again to warm me up in the cold New Zealand winter! Pine nuts and chestnuts are very expensive here, so my tip for people wanting to save some money - forage them yourself; there are some great parks near me with sweet chestnuts (NOT horse chestnuts, those aren't edible!) and pine trees with large nuts; I forage them in the autumn and they last me all year! I freeze my chestnuts to stop them from going shriveled and rotting, but any other nuts can be left in the shell for a long time, including pine nuts. My one question, could i add 팟 or 검은콩 to the recipe? I was thinking of soaking them overnight and steaming them mixed into the rice, would that work?"
in Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts (Yaksik) — Jul/21

"maangchi omg!! i made all three of these recipes today and they all turned out amazing!!!! it means so much to me that you’re always so thoughtful and conscientious when it comes to those of us with dietary requirements, even in your meaty recipes you always give substitutions for us, and it’s very much appreciated. one question, what would you recommend i do with leftover batter from cooking the 무전? also does 무전 freeze well? i’m only one person and it made so much!"
in Vegetable stock (Chaeso-gukmul 채소국물) — Oct/19

"hi maangchi!! i’m really wanting to make this but i don’t eat meat - do you think it would still be delicious without the pork? i was considering mushrooms for savoury flavour; and maybe some firm tofu for protein? i’m unsure, i might play around and post my results - some of my favourite veg substitutions have come from the comments sections of your recipes!"
in Mung Bean Pancakes (Bindaetteok) — Jul/19