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"Hi Maangchi. How are you? I love this recipe! I’ve been waiting for this recipe. I thought it’s the same as the vegetable pancake. I love your non-stick pan… where do I buy this? It’s non-stick but light… please let me know. Thanks and more power!"
in Seafood green onion pancake (Haemul-pajeon: 해물파전) — Jul/21

"Hi Maangchi! How are you? I made this tea today and it was a great success. Thank you sharing this. Perfect to drink when you’re feeling under the weather! More power to you!!"
in Ginger tea (Saenggangcha) — Feb/20

"Hi Maangchi! Thanks for this recipe. Where did you buy your steamer insert?"
in Dried sweet potato snack (Goguma-mallaengi: 고구마말랭이) — Mar/18

"Hi Maangchi, how are you? It's been a while. I love this recipe and I will make it for Bok. Question, how many quarts is your Le Creuset Dutch oven on this video? I'm going to buy one as it's a perfect size for your recipes and for our family. Miss you... still hope someday I will meet you... - Joyce"
in Korean crab stew (Kkotgetang: 꽃게탕) — Oct/16

"Hi Maangchi! I've been waiting for this recipe... It looks so good."
in Fire chicken with cheese (Cheese buldak: 치즈불닭) — Feb/16

"by the way.. I LOVE YOUR WIG!!!"
in Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi) — Nov/15

"Mei-Mei will love this. I am always intimidated to make anything with flour... I hope to gather my luck and make this too :-)"
in Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi) — Nov/15

"Hi Maangchi! This is a great everyday salad recipe. I tried making it for me and Bok and topped it with pan-seared catfish. He had a great dinner. Happy hubby... Thanks for another wonderful recipe.."
in Korean lettuce salad (Sangchu-geotjeori) — Nov/15

"I love love love this recipe! Thank you as always... I posted some photos of my own version on my blog but it's not as good as yours... still, I enjoyed every bite! It's been a while Maangchi, when are you coming back to L.A.? Hope everything is well with you..."
in Soy milk noodle soup (Kongguksu) — May/15

"Hi Maangchi! How are you? Oh I miss watching your videos so now I have extra time, I watched how you make the Rainbow Rice Cake (again)... I plan to make this for our baby since you mentioned that koreans usually make this for the 1st birthday. She's turning 1 on April 1st. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! Wish me luck!"
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — Mar/12

"Hi Maangchi! I'm back! Sorry I've been busy.... Baby is now 10-months old. Anyway, I saw your post on FB and I wanted to congratulate you for learning to cook Adobo. Looks so yummy!!! Remember, I have my Dad's Adobo Recipe on my blog too Kudos to you and your Adobo."
in Chicken adobo (Adobo sa Gata) — Mar/12

"congratulations on your new show Maangchi! enjoy your trip/s and I so look forward to the result of this project. when will I ever meet you?? I envy the people for your Gapshida trip, they will meet you face to face. Take care!"
in Gapshida itinerary announced! — Sep/11

"Hi Maangchi!!! I'm back! Oh my it's been like forever. I had to reset my password because I already forgot my account info for your website. Lately because my baby is already 5 months old, I've been able to watch your online recipe show to catch up on what I've missed after being pregnant last year. I also made kimchi today!!!! Imagine, I was carrying my baby on a sling while putting on the kimchi paste into my cabbage.. hahaha.... anyway - i will try this new dish. I miss you and congratulations with all your success...."
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Sep/11

"How about in Irvine??? Lately, the Korean Community has been growing and we now have the first Korean-American Mayor :-) It will be a dream come true to finally meet you Vis-à-vis (face-to-face). Good luck!!!!"
in Meetup in Los Angeles — Aug/10

"Hi Maangchi! It's Joyce! I wanted to show you clear pictures of my version of this kimchi. I hope you like it :-) I like this version because the cabbage is pre-cut and easy to serve."
in Easy kimchi — Jun/10