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"i am soooooooo happy, i can't wait for kkanpungsaeu! recipe. thank you so much. for non korean person that did not know what recipe i was asking for is a korean.chinese style spicy garlic shrimp it is so tasty."
in Tangsuyuk (Sweet, sour, and crispy pork: 탕수육) — May/13

"this recipe was soooo goood, i made it three times so far since i watch this video couple months ago. most of the korean food i made was from your recipe, your recipe and the way yo cook make it reall y simple for me to make. CAN YOU PLEASE POST A RECIPE FOR 깐풍새우. I KNOW YOU COULD NAKE IT MORE TASTIER THAN THE OTHER CHINESE/KOREAN RESTAURANT. THANK YOU."
in Tangsuyuk (Sweet, sour, and crispy pork: 탕수육) — May/13

"i made this soup couple days ago and it turned out PERFECT, i loved it and my son loved it too and his 14 mos old"
in Seaweed soup with beef (Miyeokguk) — Aug/10

"i was wondering if i don't like seafood added to the soup what can i replace it with thank u"
in Haemul-sundubu-jjigae (Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood) — Jul/10

"hello for this Kimchijeon recipe , i thought egg is added but i see that u did not add egg, will it still taste the same without the egg"
in Grandma style kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — Jul/10

"i can't find wood ear mushroom, what other type of mushroom can i use thx"
in Tangsuyuk (Sweet, sour, and crispy pork: 탕수육) — Jul/10

"i just want to say i am soo glad that i found your site because everytime i tried looking for recipe for korean food it would direct e to a american site with amercanize korean cooking, i did not like it but your recipe is actually a korean recipe thanks maanchi p.s how often do u add new recipe"
in Braised beef short ribs (Galbi-jjim: 갈비찜) — Jul/10

"thank you did i mention how much i love love love your site"
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Jul/10

"hello maangchi, i love love love your site, it made me into a good korean cooker. i have couple question, i was wondering if i could use ground turkey instad of ground beef/pork and also if i want to make kimchee mandu, can i follow the recipe and just add the kimchee and don't add the meat thank u"
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Jul/10