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"Hi Maangchi :). Thank you for sharing all these wonderful recipes, I love to make delicious Korean food at home with them! The only problem I have, since I'm a Westerner and have never actually been to a Korean restaurant, is that I'm having trouble figuring out which dishes to put together to make a meal. I know rice is the main part of the meal and there's always a soup but I'm never sure which banchan go together. Would you be able to include a note in each side/main dish recipe listing what banchan and soup you would serve together with it for a meal? It would really help me to serve authentic Korean meals to my family. I'm sure individual taste is a big part of putting a meal together but I was hoping for some guidelines until I really get used to Korean cooking. If it's too much work don't worry about it :). Thanks again for all the great recipes! Thanks, Sara"
in Seasoned dried anchovies (Myeolchi-muchim) — Feb/14