Karma-Kutie's comments

"Karma-Kutie (Vancouver Island, Canada) I couldn't agree with you more 'stirbar' :) We live in a time when we are sensibly encouraged to try to use our own local produce more - for environmentally sustainable, economic, and fresher, flavourful reasons... so incorporating and adapting these food resources into traditional Korean recipes is brilliant, practical, and evolutionary! After all, centuries of fantastic Korean foods and recipes also evolved over time to become what today is "Authentic Korean Cuisine". Congratulations to our Maangchi and the other judges, plus the "Creative Paticipants and Winners" who are spreading their own ethnic twist of Korean recipes, techniques, and displays....not to mention delicious flavours to all corners of the globe, while staying true and respectful to Korean cooking traditions :)"
in Judging the 2015 Global Taste of Korea contest — Jul/15