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"Hi Maanchi! I want to make this soup. Now I have soooooo much flavorful Kimchi juice saved from two large batches of your Kimchi. Can I use just the juice and not the cabbage leaves, and add some fresh vegetables instead? Would that work? What vegetables could work and how much juice do you think I should use for 5 cups water? The juice is sooo good I dont want to discard it! Thank you!"
in Kimchi soup (Kimchi-guk) — Jul/16

"Hello again Maangchi! Now I have a lot of kimchi! I really want to make things like kimchi stew and kimchi fried rice which needs well fermented kimchi. Can I keep the kimchi on the counter for a while to hasten the ripening and not have to wait for a couple months in the fridge? If so how long is it OK to keep on the counter? and then how long should I keep in the fridge for the great ripe flavor? Thank you!"
in Easy kimchi — Jun/16

"Thank you so much Maanchi! I like Kosher salt too for the very same reasons and for making cooking simpler. This makes it all easier!"
in Easy kimchi — May/16

"Hello Mannchi! In this recipe you do not state the kind of salt you are using? Is it kosher salt or sea salt from Korean stores? Coarse or fine? What kind of salt should I use? Maybe someone can recommend? Thank you so much!"
in Easy kimchi — May/16

"Dear Maanchi, God knows how many times I have made this since I found this last year. Actually my children found you and ask me to make your recipes. It is utterly delicious and easy. I would like to use Korean Pancake Mix that I bought on a whim from H mart. For this and other Korean pancakes on your site. It already has salt in it but how does it affect taste and texture of pancakes? Could I just use it in place of some the flour? Thank you!"
in Grandma style kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — Apr/16