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"Hello Maangchi, how are you... Well, I made your Bok Choy Doenjang Muchim and it is sooo goood and so easy, I am glad I say the video, since I was so surprised at how much water you have to squeeze from the Bok Choy... but I did and it came our perfect... I just love it! I can see that the ingredients lend themselves to several variations of which I will try in the future, for example: I think black bean garlic paste in addition to the bean paste would be a good variation and/or adding a raw seafood, like Tiger Shrimp or Ahi Tuna as another. Second, I live in Los Angeles and enjoy Korean food more as a special night out with friends, but let me ask a question about a favorite Korean dish that I am just addicted too from a Restaurant her in Los Angeles: Restaurant: Sun nong dan,, Dish: 통마늘 양.곱창 볶음 炒大蒜,腸和牛肚 (Stir-fried Garlic + Honeycomb +Tripe), Is this a traditional Korean Dish or an LA Creation and have you ever eaten or prepared it? And if yes or no it does not matter, can you research it and make a video for this dish? In any event... I have been watching your videos for a couple months now and your presentation in your videos have completely refined my Asian food prep and cooking technique, which were pretty good, but twice the overall time for cooking the food (technique)... maybe you should do a video specifically to cooking technique. So Maangchi, this is my first comments to your videos and I want to tell you that I really enjoy your personal presentation as your Korean style of gentleness with respect for your viewers... no wonder your viewers have such wonderful comments to make about you!!"
in Bok choy seasoned with soybean paste (Cheonggyeongchae doenjang-muchim) — Sep/18