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"I have been following your videos for a couple years and have not made any recipes until today!! My squid is marinating, along with everything but the onion and radish and water. I gotta run to the store! :) I cannot wait to make this, my husband is Korean and I am Mexican. So I am used to making food completely different. Thanks so much for the most awesome instructions, measurements and pictures! the videos are amazing. So easy to follow and just plain great way to cook something that is very different. Thank you!"
in Squid soup (Ojingeo-guk) — Jan/13

"I loved the Bulgogi...but it was too greasy. I am not sure if that's the juice? my husband comes home from out of country and can't wait to try this. He's Korean and I am learning how to make a lot of recipes through you and my mother in law. (I like your attitude better than my mother in law but don't tell her that!) lol Thank you for making it so easy to cook!"
in Kimchi fried rice (Kimchi-bokkeumbap) — Jun/10