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"MYS, thank you for your compliments! My mandu tends to be "whatever I have in the fridge," but it usually includes tofu, mushrooms, and some sort of leafy green. This particular batch had firm tofu, green onions, carrot, black mushrooms, celery, sauteed red amaranth leaves, some garlic, and a few spices inside. (I know this because I uploaded it on Flickr and listed the ingredients there!) The dipping sauce I usually make with soy sauce, rice vinegar, a bit of sugar, and a tiny tiny bit of hot red pepper powder! What other of Maangchi's vegetarian dishes do you like to cook?"
in Kenneth Moore — Sep/11

"Thank you, Mariska! You can see on my blog (scroll wayyyy down to the end of this post) what toppings I used on these. I love how Maangchi inspires me to cook so much! And Maangchi, you say such nice things! I'm surprised you found my workout blog, but soon I think I will start posting some recipes I cook on there, too!"
in Kenneth Moore — Sep/11

"I really like the last one you suggested, Maangchi, Gabsida! It is short, catchy, and helps teach people a little Korean, too! I will try to pop back later and see if I have any ideas--but if you want, please come to my kitchen in Saudi Arabia! I just moved here from Washington DC, and one of the first things I made in my new kitchen was your mak kimchi (but there is no napa cabbage, so it isn't as good). Right now I have soybeans soaking for kongjang. I know I should learn how to cook the local cuisine, but I love your recipes too much!"
in What should I name my new cooking show? — Jun/11

"Maangchi, I made your Mak Kimchi yesterday, and this morning, I made Kimchijeon! (Well, I tried, but my pan isn't as nonstick as I'd like!) I love your recipes!"
in Grandma style kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — Oct/10

"My mouth is drooling...! I would need to bike a few thousand miles to be able to eat all that food! Maybe, bike to Costa Rica... I'm gonna go. I'll send you pictures! ;)"
in Costa Rican Food I ate — May/10

"Maangchi! It took me so long to cook these. I didn't actually use the full recipe, but I featured it in my Foodie Fight competition entry! I fried fun-shaped wonton wrappers and coated them in delicious syrup. Next time, I will follow your recipe--it must be more delicious to have the ginger in the dough, like you do!"
in Ginger cookies (Maejakgwa) — May/10

"Maangchi, I hope you are enjoying Costa Rica! Yesterday, for the New Year, I made your easy kimchi. I have been wanting to make some of your kimchi for a long time! I did not use any squid for this, and I didn't have the right red pepper flakes, but it sure tasted good anyway! Check out how it looks. If I ferment this outside of the fridge, how long will it last? I'm waiting for maintenance to fix my fridge, so I can't really use it right now--thus, yummy kimchi!"
in Easy kimchi — Feb/10