Kerri's comments

"I made this and it was delicious! I used my homemade kimchi that I made with the recipe on this site. I like mine spicy so the soup was warm, spicy and just right on a cold day or really any day! I was craving it again but have found the kimchi stew recipe so I think I may make that next. Love all the recipes I’ve tried before."
in Kimchi soup (Kimchi-guk) — Jan/19

"My daughter and I made this recipe a couple of months ago. It’s was so fun to do this together. The recipe was great! We used the shrimp paste and fish sauce. We’ve shared some with neighbors and they also have loved it."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Sep/18

"I just made this and it is amazing even before it’s fermented! This was my first time making kimchi. It was time intensive but not too hard. My daughter joined me and it made it even more special as our first attempt together. Thank you for such a good recipe and video."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jul/18